Beach Hair... tousled, carefree, done to look undone. It’s a way of life, a way of thinking and being, energetic yet calm, beautiful yet undone, a place that brings out the best in us and shows us new sides of ourselves. Let Umberto Giannini take you to the beach… every day! Vegan and cruelty free.

Create Chic Beach Waves Hair

We can’t get enough of beach goodness. Get playful and chic bohemian vibes with our Beach collection that serves looks for both the deckchair and the desk! Our Beach range guarantees holiday hair all year round, so get ready for a permanent vacation and enjoy some mesmerising styles with the Catch a Wave Beach Texture Spray, Mermaid Hair Volume Mousse and more!

Get Beachy Texture With Refreshing Salt Spray

Want salty AND nourished hair? Now you can have the best of both worlds! The Catch A Wave Beach Texture Spray gives great beachy texture and volume, whilst add nourishment and protecting against colour fade - meaning no more dryness or rough feel. Order yours today!

Wash Away The Surf With Gentle Beach Shampoo

Bring the beach back home, without damaging your hair! A daily use of our gentle Beach Wash Coconut Oil Shampoo restores the natural beauty of your hair giving softness, flexibility and shine. Plus, pair with our Beach Care Conditioner for guaranteed lavish locks!

Beach Waves Mousse

Get full, beachy, natural volume with a loose and undone texture. The Mermaid Hair Vegan Volume Mousse is luxuriously rich and creamy in Coconut Oil, with added UV filters to help protect your hair against damage and keep your colour for longer!

Mermaid Hair: The Ultimate Beach Waves Kit

For the girl who wants it all! The Mermaid Hair Kit is the ultimate in beach wave chic, perfect for giving stunning coastal hair that suits both the desk and the deckchair! Enjoy Beach Wash Shampoo, Beach Care Conditioner, Pool Proof Protection Cream and Mermaid Volume Mousse, suitable for all hair types - and mermaids!

100% Vegan & Cruelty Free Beach

Our Beach range is proudly 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. At Umberto Giannini, it’s our belief that we don’t need to harm animals for a spritz of hairspray. It doesn’t cost any more to care about the treatment of animals - and to show you care by only buying vegan and cruelty free products, we think this makes you as beautiful inside as out! Enjoy beach wave beauty today, completely guilt-free. Find out more about why we choose to be a 100% vegan brand, here.