Coily Curls Moisture


Intensive moisture rich, nourishing ingredients to hydrate, silkify and re-form. Vegan and cruelty free. Our COILY CURL range is for those girls with defined, super-powered curls!

Super-Powered Curl Shampoo

Nourish natural curls and supercurls with our powerful Coily Curls Moisture Shampoo. 100% sulphate free, the Coily Curls range is designed to de-frizz and moisture thirsty curls. Made from two of the most powerful natural moisturisers - organic Coconut Oil and Shea Butter - the shampoo gives you controlled, freshnatural curlsthat keep their bounce. Order yours today!

Get The Ultimate Moisture Boost with Coily Curl Conditioner

Enhance your curls with an out-of-this-world treatment that’s supercharged to intensely nourish natural curls! The Coily Curls Moisture Moisture Recovery Vegan Conditioner is a 100% cruelty-free source of hydration for thirsty curls - giving a frizz-free super silky finish and providing the ultimate protection for super curly girls. Give it a try today!

Twirling And Style Your Way To Perfection

For those girls with an extra twirl in their curl! Our Coily Curls range is made to feed thirsty curls and give them that stand-out definition. The More Than Moisture Vegan Twirling And Styling Definition Cream is formulated with Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Argan and Avocado Oil and Murumuru Butter - creating a luxurious styling cream with moisture, definition and a luminous sheen! Shop yours now!

Coily Curl Haircare Designed For Real Curly Girls

We understand the importance of having a product that really works, which is why we’ve designed our Coily Curl range with the curliest of curls in mind! Get salon-professional results, straight from the bottle and tame even the most stubborn hair. When you’re in need of intense rehydration and repair our Curly Curl range won’t let you down!

100% Vegan & Cruelty Free Coily
Curl Haircare

Our Coily Curl range is proudly 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. At Umberto Giannini, it’s our belief that we don’t need to harm animals for a squirt of shampoo or a spritz of hairspray. It doesn’t cost any more to care about the treatment of animals - and to show you care by only buying vegan and cruelty free products, we think this makes you as beautiful inside as out! Enjoy coily curl-defining beauty today, completely guilt-free. Find out more about why we choose to be a 100% vegan brand, here.