60 Second Smooth  Vegan Pre-Shampoo Treatment
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60 Second Smooth
Vegan Pre-Shampoo Treatment


Worth the extra step in your in-shower routine, this top-up treatment is exactly what you didn’t know you needed! For hair to be its healthiest it needs to be supple and flexible (and never be coloured or heat styled!) And well, since that’s pretty impossible for most of us, we’ve created an intense pre-shampoo that will bring back the elasticity and manageability to your hair protecting it against breakage, thanks clever Polymers. It also delivers intense moisturisation and shine from natures finest, Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil. We bet with regular use, you’ll see your hair game grow stronger – in your face daily styling regime!

Key product benefits:
- Helps stop breakage and strengthens.
- Intense moisturisation and shine for hair.
- Helps add body and bounce.
- Enriched with moisturising Coconut Oil and conditioning Jojoba Oil.
- 85% of users agreed that 60 Second Smooth effectively helped their hair look and felt better*.

How to use:
BEFORE shampooing, wet your hair and, avoiding the roots, apply the treatment in sections to the mid-lengths and ends, making sure it is evenly worked through each section. Leave for 60 seconds, rinse out and follow with your shampoo and conditioning steps. Use it once a week or more to help prevent breakage and strengthen hair.

Vegan and cruelty free.

  • cruelty free and vegan
  • vegan cruelty free
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