Backcomb In A Bottle  Texture, Volume, Hold
 Backcomb In A Bottle  Texture, Volume, Hold
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Backcomb In A Bottle
Texture, Volume, Hold


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Instant volume without the fuss of a brush. There are lots of looks to be created with this product. For an everyday look, just spray into hair, rough it up and leave it for that rolled-outta-bed ready texture. You’ll have a full, sexy texture that looks totally natural. For nights out, spray into the roots, lifting the hair as you go and hold hair for a few seconds as it dries or blast with a dryer to set. If you want to add a little bit of backcombing for super high styles then this spray will hold that backcomb higher and longer than anything else. Built in heat protection.

Key product benefits:
- The spray to go glam with…
- Lots of looks from tousled to backcomb big.
- Long lasting volume, hold, instant texture and root lift.
- Non sticky and brushes out.

Perfume Profile:
Olfactive Group - Gourmande.
Notes - Rose, patchouli, grapefruit, vanilla, raspberry and night flowering jasmine.

How to use:
Shake can well before use. For use on dry hair. Spray into roots and mid lengths from at least 15cms - 20cms away. Set with a blast from your hairdryer for extra height or leave to dry for a second or two before tousling into shape with your fingers.

Additional information / Product replacement:
Previously known as Glam Hair Back Comb in a Bottle.
We never test on animals or use animal products of any kind in our products.
Vegan Formula.

Made in the UK.

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