Vegan Miracle Hair Filler Blonde
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Vegan Miracle Hair Filler Blonde


This vegan colour blending spray cleverly disguises thin areas of your roots and hair-line to make hair look visibly thicker instantly. Specially formulated to work on all hair colours, you can hide roots and regrowth, fill in gaps, blend out scalp-show-through at the parting, straighten a hair-line and add a general thicker hair illusion all over. Comes in two shades that work on all blondes and brunettes.

Rice Starch - absorbs excess oils and provides a more natural, softening effect to the cover-up.

Weather resistant formula helps the coverage to stay in place.

How to use:
Use on dry hair. Shake can well before use. Cover shoulders and clothing to prevent overspray. Hold can upright and spray gently and evenly from a distance of 20cms. Build up colour in layers. Weather resistant. Easily washes out with your shampoo.

Vegan and cruelty free.

  • cruelty free and vegan
  • vegan cruelty free
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