Smooth Hair  Bundle 2
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Smooth Hair
Bundle 2



We’ll just give this to you straight - these three wonder products are all a smooth loving girl will ever need to create that just-left-the-salon, super duper straight blow out, that’s smooth, shiny, and soft to the touch. Remember …Smooth doesn’t mean flat!

Straight Talking includes:
- Blow Dry in a Bottle A Big Shiny Blow Out 200ml For the blow out that only your hairdresser can do…in a bottle. This helps you achieve the same volume, shine and smooth finish you get from the salon and is super easy to use. With built in heat protection and moisturising Castor Oil.

- Iron Out Heat Activated Straightening Balm 150ml Stubborn hair meet your match! Apply this pre-styling and even the hardest to straighten hair will lie down and behave, staying straight and smooth all day. With built in heat protection up to a whopping 220°.

- Miracle Worker Smooth Serum 75ml The hardest working, does-it-all serum we know. For coarse, unruly hair, apply to damp hair and let the Argan Oil repair and smooth the hair but then, and here’s the clever bit, we’ve added heat protection so all that good work doesn’t get undone. Plus for you finer flyaway types, there's no better frizz banisher.

Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley.

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