Big Bam Thank You Glam

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Big Bam Thank You Glam

Your first step to glam (and the perfect base for styling), simply follow these steps for moisturised hair with improved body and volume:

1. Massage a dollop or two of Glam Wash Volume Shampoo (depending on hair length) into your scalp and rinse through to the ends.

Tip: One round should do, but if you’re product heavy, then a second go with a little less will finish the job.

2. Follow with Glam Care Conditioner (it only seems right - as they’re the perfect pair!)

3. Towel dry hair and (shaking well before use) spray Glam Beach Salt Spray through damp hair and allow to dry naturally (or speed things up with a diffuser).

4. Tousle and scrunch with your fingers to add slept-in texture as you dry.

5. Re-apply to dry hair to refresh the undone, done.

Psst – It’s not just you, those are indeed notes of rose, patchouli, grapefruit, vanilla and night flowering jasmine that you smell!

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